PARQETSolid Wood Parquet

Wooden Massive Parquet

Wooden Massive Parquet is one of the most preferred healthy parquet varieties among flooring materials. Massive parquet, Due to its durability, heat and sound insulation, and its ability to be screed, it still continues to be used today. Massive parquet production is made from durable, durable and hard woods. Due to the fact that it is a completely solid parquet, there are enough shares of cysteine ​​on this site to maintain its healthy structure and the appearance of the first day for a long time. Because we are a massive parquet factory when we come to the cost of massive parquet; Affordable massive parquet products, boutiques and unique products and special project products, we offer many products to our customers. In this context, you can buy solid parquet flooring even for laminate flooring prices or get massive parquet flooring for lamine parquet flooring. Massive parquet continues to be an indispensable choice in many places especially for housing, villas, restaurants, hotels

Massive Parquet, Profile Detail – 100% Solid Wooden Parquet

Deck / Decking

Decking is a wooden floor covering which is usually used as outdoor parquet. When decking is preferred, hardwoods that will be compatible with outdoor conditions should be preferred. In particular, Iroko (Teak), Teak, Tali and similar trees should be preferred and the moisture values ​​of the trees should be considered. The decks to be used for outdoor use must have a moisture content between 9% and 14%. As application details; The floor is leveled, the gates are screwed as a wooden or box profile on the floor, if necessary glued and fixed, the decks are countersunk from above and screwed from above or assembled so that no screws are seen with the hidden connection assembly elements, sanded and sanded with external protection. Deckler is sanded twice a year before each season, and the application of teak oil returns to its originalAreas of use: Pools, skylights, sunbathing areas, balconies, terraces, walkways, children’s play areas, changing rooms, saunas, garden / pergola / arbor floors, bathroom floors, shower stalls, yacht decks, ornaments and outdoor decorative.


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